Starbox – Unique Features This Author Bio Plugin Brings to the Table

On your quest for building a professional online presence, you’ll need some key tools by your side.

Today, not having an author bio plugin for your website is one of the worst mistakes you can make.

The Internet has become such a complex medium that smart users find it hard to trust certain sources of information. After all, there are massive amounts of bad content being published on a regular basis.

While an author bio plugin can’t help you with content quality, it does enable you to build trust.

Starbox – Unique Features This Author Bio Plugin Brings to the Table

Letting your readers know more about yourself is a great way to establish a good reputation – especially since you are working towards achieving a compelling personal brand.

82% of users trust influencers more than actual consumers. Are you wondering why? Influencers that do their “job” well are perceived as experts in the niche.

What’s An Author Bio Plugin for WordPress?


These plugins are often used to replace the use of Gravatar. While the core feature remains the same, the added options give you more freedom.

When you’re publishing great content, the first thing you care about is SEO. You want search engines like Google to rank you as high as possible. Granted, achieving that means that your content must be brilliant and well optimized.

But you aren’t publishing content for Google. No, you’re working hard to create content for humans.

When writing and publishing content, you need to focus on user experience as well. After all, users do want to know who wrote those words. Some of them would even enjoy seeing your face. They would like to hear more from you or follow you on social media.

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That’s where an author bio plugin comes in handy. It offers you multiple options and great features. It even looks better than Gravatar.

These plugins are easy to install, and they empower your content. They help you display a short bio with a picture and social media links. But that’s not all.

What Is Starbox – The Author Box For Humans?

wordpress plugin

As mentioned before, one of the most important aspects you should focus on when publishing content is the reader. You should always remember you’re writing for people, not search engines.

Humans don’t care about your website’s robots.txt. They care about information accuracy, who’s writing the content and how it looks. Having an appealing website is a significant step towards establishing yourself as an authority.

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Starbox enables you to do that.

This author bio plugin is fully customizable. You can choose where it is posted – at the beginning or the end of the article.

You can also choose from multiple professionally designed themes. These are 100% responsive, so they’re as good-looking on mobile as on the desktop version.



Unique and Powerful Features You Need to Know About

Starbox is a great author box plugin for WordPress. While bloggers can take advantage of its features too, the plugin really shines when used by multiple users.

Setting it up part is as simple as 1-2-3, and everything is intuitive as well.

This author bio plugin allows you to customize the author box for each user.

They can add their own pictures without being limited to the Gravatar one. They can add their own social media profiles so people can follow them. All these are displayed beautifully on any screen size.

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But Starbox brings some unique features to the table as well. Here are a few of them:

  • HTML 5
  • Google Microformats (vCard) to display Rich Snippets in Google search results
  • Links to all the articles and a section that displays the latest posts from a certain author
  • The ability to set the Job Title and Company (with a link to the company’s site)
  • Each Author can personalize the WordPress Author Box
  • You can choose NOT to display it for certain authors
  • Can remove any other author box from the page, so that there aren’t any duplicates
  • Displays the WordPress Author Box in the special pages built for each author

Okay, that part about “a few features” might not have been so accurate.

Why Should You Use Starbox and How to Install It

Installing the plugin is as simple as you may imagine. You just head to your WordPress plugin directory, click on the Add New button and search for Starbox. Once you see it in the search results, just hit “Install” and then “Activate”.

Using Starbox as the author bio plugin for your WordPress blog is simpler than anything you’ve set up so far. Not only is this plugin designed to make your blog look good for humans, but its purpose is to be user-friendly as well.

On our YouTube channel, you’ll find a complete guide on how to install Starbox and how to set it up.

You’ll learn everything you need to know to take full advantage of its features.

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Starbox is a free author bio plugin for WordPress.

However, there’s a PRO version that gives you access to some cool extra features and high-priority support.

Starbox Pro Helps You Set Up Facebook Authorship

Google authorship is dead. Long live Facebook authorship.

Getting the PRO version of Starbox enables you to set up Facebook authorship. That is a cool way to gain authority on Facebook and increase your fanbase. If you don’t know what this Facebook feature is, here’s an example:

facebook authorship

Notice the “BY THE MIKE BROWN” part? That’s Facebook authorship. Users can click on your name and follow you for more great content.

Make sure the “follow” option for your profile is enabled before setting up this feature using Starbox.


With Starbox Pro, You Can Link to Multiple Social Media Accounts

The free version of this author bio plugin allows you to link your Facebook and Twitter accounts. However, the Pro version of the plugin expands these options. You’ll get to add links to:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Flickr
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Youtube
  • Vimeo

To be honest, some of those social media networks are a must for developing your personal brand.

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What Other Great Benefits Does Starbox Pro Offer?

The free version of Starbox is simple yet efficient. It covers most of your needs while helping you maintain your professional image.

However, Starbox Pro is far from that. Numerous benefits will help you get even more. Here’s a short list:

  • The profile image will be used as a global image for each author (even in the comments section).
  • You can select the post types in which you want Starbox to be displayed or not.
  • Works perfectly with the WP Multisite plugin.
  • You get theme integration support (CSS, .js).
  • All future upgrades will be 100% Free.
  • Starbox doesn’t lower your website’s speed. The plugin is fully optimized – under 0.003 seconds average loading time.
  • Multiple authors support through Startbox shortcode (in the YouTube source mentioned above, you can learn how you can do this without any hassle).



author bio plugin

Having an author bio plugin for your WordPress website is a good way to establish yourself as a professional.

You can place it above or below your post, and the result stays the same: Increased authority.

The free version is sophisticated enough for bloggers, while the Pro version is perfect for websites with multiple authors and more needs. Both versions will help you develop your personal brand.

Your blog will be better looking than the ones that don’t use this plugin. It’s a great way to get ahead of your competition.

Starbox is a responsive plugin that will look good on mobile devices as well.


Go ahead and give it a try. You can get the Pro version, with its added benefits, from right here.

It’s a pay once, win forever deal!