Starbox - the Author Box for Humans.

The authors on your blog will shine like stars.

Starbox is the Author Box for Humans. Professional Themes to choose from, HTML5, Social Media Profiles, Google Authorship

Your Human Readers will get to engage with your content

While search engines and other software that read your site care about files like robots.txt, you need Human readers to actually engage with your content and fall in love with it.

You’ll love Starbox’s Themes and Landscaping

Because you can choose from the professionaly built themes and landscaping

The Social Profiles of your writers will be obvious and clickable

This will get you Humans who will engage with content on your blog and also on your social media streams.

You’re covered by our “For Humans” guarantee.

With NO coding or complicated menus, whatsoever, you’ll set your Author Box in a matter of minutes, and since we took a lot of care regarding coding, it will work well and you won’t worry about that.

Beauty and Trust through Design

Humans look at beauty more than anything else (as you most probably already know, men and women alike). That's why you'll get an Author Box that's gorgeous to look at and it makes your readers click all the way through to see more about the Authors.
Your WordPress will look professional

Now, if you have just yourself as an Author on your site, or a super-star team of Authors, you'll love Starbox. You can choose from the professionaly built themes and landscaping. If you are the super-star type, or want to boost social proof, place your Author Box on top of the page, so that your Human readers will know that they're reading stuff that a real awesome person has written. You want the classy, bottom-of-the-page Author Box? You can choose that one as well. And if your star Authors want different things, satisfy their needs by allowing them to place their Author Box at the top or bottom, with the default theme, or a better looking one. You can make each of them shine in their own way.

  • Themes to Choose From

    100% awesomeness.

  • Social Profiles

    Show off your authors

  • The For Humans Guarantee!

    NO coding or complicated menus

  • You'll build up some good social proof

OUR TEAM - powered by Squirrly

Starbox is built with Love by the team of , the makers of Squirrly SEO Plugin and ContentLook
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Florin Muresan

Seasoned Entrepreneur, Content Marketing Trainer. Loves Archery, Writing, Coffee and Wine. VIP in the Delivering Happiness Movement. Advisor to a few startups, helps startup communities.
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Calin Vingan

CTO and Creator of Starbox
Started several IT Companies, 2 of them with Florin. Had the most successful e-billing software in Romania in 2007 and the best-selling internet cafe software. Loves Nike+ and has a good score on it.
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Andreea Leau

VP Marketing
Andreea helps us stick to our Core Values of Delivering Happiness to our Customers, and is the brains and heart behind our Social Media operations. She loves Carcassonne and music.
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Cristina Leau

She’s the amazing talent behind all of the cute Squirrels you’ll see on our site, social media channels and other content. A great graphic designer. She also does freelance work. Loves papercrafts
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Alexandra Nicola

Happily typing great stuff for our site and our customers. Helps with business development and is on her way to becoming the COO of the company. Loves Super Mario games, Eeyore and having a great time with friends.
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Teo Vingan

SEO Analyst
Teo is our SEO Expert and she helps us keep our software always white-hat and up-to-date with the latest changes. Loves playing Ligretto.
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Ana Dârstaru

Chief of Customer Service
Ana has a strong sense of pragmatism and realism. Aside from the articles she writes for our lovely clients, she also loves testing new beauty products, and is obsessed with Pulp Fiction.
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Sorel Nagy

Product Developer
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Andra Miclaus

Content Strategist
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Irina Pogor

Content Writer
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Rares Papita

Chief Happiness Officer
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Tim Mocan

Content Writer
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Lucian Nertan

VP of Agency